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Keeping the 'Kaiserschleusse' dry with PRORIL submersible dewatering pumps

23 January 2020
The submersible dewatering pumps from the PRORIL Tank series find their way well into the construction, mining, tunnelling and quarrying sectors. A good example of their application is the use of two PRORIL TANK 6110 pumps during a construction project at the lock in Bremerhaven, Germany. The 'Kaiserschleusse' was undergoing maintenance on the door system. Our distributor Rental Pumps supplied two PRORIL Tank 6110 submersible pumps here.

20 meter high lock
First of all, a pumping system with a capacity of more than 1200 m3/h was used to create a watertight seal for the lock gates. The lock of over 20 metres high had to be emptied quickly.

Keeping the lock dry

In order to execute the work, the lock had to be kept dry. Four small submersible pumps were used to treat the leaking water. These included two Proril TANK 6110 dewatering pumps. The pumps ensured that the leakage water that seeped in was pumped away. In addition, a reserve pump was installed to pump back more than 500m3 of water per hour in case of emergency.