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No object too big for the PRORIL submersible sewage pumps

19 March 2020
That the PRORIL submersible sewage pumps are suitable for pumping waste water is demonstrated by the use of a GOMAX 475 in Düsseldorf. Our German distributor Habermann Aurum Pumpen delivered this 4 inch submersible dirty water pump to the municipality of Düsseldorf.

The wastewater pump was deployed to maintain the water level in the ditches. The water in the ditches can contain several odd objects that can make it difficult for a pump. The PRORIL GOMAX 475 submersible sewage pump is designed ‘to swallow’ solids with a diameter of 76 mm without clogging. “During use in the ditches, several different objects were pumped without any difficulty, even the capacity was not affected.” A satisfied user.