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One PRORIL electric submersible water pump and 110 satisfied customers ...

21 August 2017
In the main, most PRORIL electric submersible water pumps are used for site dewatering or sewage applications. That being the case, it’s nice to hear of an exception, especially when it gets so many positive responses.

The head gardener of a luxury apartment complex in the middle of the Netherlands was looking for a 230V fountain pump. The requirements were clear, minimal energy consumption but with the ability to produce an impressive water display.

With the introduction of a PRORIL SMART 1500S portable submersible pump on 230V, the expectations were quickly fulfilled. In total, there are about 110 people in the surrounding apartments of the complex and many personally complimented the head gardener for his excellent choice.

Proril Smart 1500S
Max. flow: 27 m3/h
Max. head: 20 mwc
Max. energy consumption: 1.5 kW