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PRORIL submersible water pumps in wheeled washing equipment

26 June 2019
As a manufacturer and exporter of automatic wheel wash installations for trucks and industrial vehicles, Buceltec is concerned only in applying the best materials in the production of their equipment. The Portuguese company is renowned for its high quality and therefore needs products, reliability and excellent after-sales service that accomplish this standard.

All with one purpose in mind: making sure the roads around construction sites are safe and without clay and mud residue.

Buceltec’s happy customers
PRORIL Pumps Europe is one of Buceltec’s longstanding business partners. In their own words: “PRORIL offers a range of products that meet our requirements. The water pumps we put in our equipment work flawlessly under the most demanding conditions and over a long period of time”. More than 150 water pumps have been placed in Buceltec installations over the last ten years and they are pleased to note that they have never received any complaints or reports of faults from their demanding customers.

Recommended submersible water pumps
For efficient and perfect washing of wheels and heavy truck chassis, the pumps need to carry sufficient pumping power to provide the high pressure spray nozzles from water and get rid of all the dirt. Occasionally Buceltec also needs specialized technical advice for new projects and unique situations that needs to be solved.

In most cases PRORIL has supplied a 5.5 kW strong submersible dewatering pump, like the TANK 455, for pumping clean water out of the pit, pond or temporary collection basins into the nozzles. The PRORIL TANK 455 delivers up to 100 m3/hour. The PRORIL Gocut 322, a 3 inch 2.2 kW strong submersible sewage cutter pump, is used to drain dirty water from the wheel wash to a retention pond (54 m3/hour).

Long-lasting partnership
According to Buceltec PRORIL Pumps Europe is the ideal partner in the provision of water and drainage pumps. That being said, PRORIL is proud that its product already has been used in so many advanced installations and is confident that the partnership will be long-lasting.