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PRORIL submersible water pumps on duty at concrete plant “Betongindustri” in Kungsbacka, Sweden

24 August 2018
Concrete factory “Betongindustri” is, as part of the larger Heidelberg Cement group, a major player in the concrete industry of Sweden. They supply concrete to infrastructural projects like road and house construction and are experts in cast concrete, transportation and concrete pumping.

Swedish PRORIL distributor Scandia Pumps first visited the plant in March 2017 to advise on pump usage. The factory uses pumps in three basins that recycle the water coming from washing the concrete trucks. One pump is installed in every of the three basins. The pump in the first basin, the sedimentation tank, is almost continuously pumping very abrasive water at a low water level, which causes much wear on the pump’s hydraulics.

In April 2017, the chief manager of “Betongindustri” asked Scandia Pumps to replace the pump in the first sedimentation tank for a PRORIL TANK 215. The 2 inch submersible water pump is currently still running 3 hours a day. One month later another PRORIL pump was installed in a collection basin.

During inspection in June 2018 Scandia Pumps discovered that concrete was covering the impeller and other part. But however, after cleaning the impeller and replacing O-rings, strainer and volute liner, the pump was ready to go back on duty the next morning!