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Pumps in action: Ingenuity at its finest!

01 October 2022

A Swedish company working in a quarry in the Stockholm region found a way to prolong a PRORIL pump's working lifetime even more! The company had tried a small PRORIL TANK and found it price worthy. Our distributor, CAANY, then calculated the flow: A vertical pump head of 15 meters, with a total length of 450 meters in 4-inch piping meant that both TANK 475 and TANK 4110 proved to be suitable solutions.

The installation of these pumps inside the above shown ingenious up-side-down pontoon prevents mud and sand from getting inside the pump, reducing the risk of sedimentation in the piping, lowering maintenance costs. On top of that, our pumps were also found to save more on electricity compared to the ones they replaced, lowering operating costs as well, resulting in an overall lower life cycle cost!