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What’s the maximum weight allowed for a portable submersible pump?

12 February 2024

In Europe, different guidelines cover the maximum weight that can be lifted in the workplace. EN and ISO standards propose a maximum of 25 kg and less under optimal conditions. However, weight alone is not the single decisive factor. The frequency of lifting the submersible pump, the distance carried and the height from the floor also have an impact.

Lightweight electric submersible pumps prevent physical stresses

This being the case, there is no simple answer to the question of just how heavy a portable submersible pump can be. However, it is clearly important to reduce physical strain as far as possible. That is why PRORIL has concentrated on portability when designing the compact SMART and SAVVY submersible pumps. All models from this series of lightweight submersible pumps remain below 25 kg and are therefore a great solution for companies and their employees.
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