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  1. Watertight Cable Entry
    The cable entry employs an anti-wicking block where each conductor is stripped and encapsulated in epoxy. This feature effectively prevents water from penetrating the motor chamber when the cable end is submerged or the cable sheath is damaged.
  2. Multi-Direction Discharge Coupling
    The discharge can be converted between vertical and horizontal directions. In electrical submersible pumps from 7,5 kW and larger, a vertical discharge connection is supplied as standard.
  3. Motor Protector
    The submersible electric motor incorporates a circle thermal protector which protects against overheating and dry-run.
  4. Top Discharge and Double Housing Design
    Designed to construct a water jacket that provides maximum motor cooling effect for continuous operation at low water level, this feature forms the cylindrical and slim shape of the electrical submersible pump and enables the underwater pump to be installed in confined spaces.
  5. Submersible Motor
    Air filled motor, housed in a watertight casing, conforms to Class F insulation.
  6. Ball Bearings and Hardened SS Shaft
    High quality of C3 ball bearings and the well-balanced, hardened stainless steel shaft enhance stability during continuous pumping operations.
  7. Double Mechanical Seals
    Located in the oil chamber, the device is made of quality materials with highly wear-resistant silicon carbide in lower side that provides extra protection against submersible pump seal leakage and dry-run.
  8. Extra Protection for Mechanical Seals and Shaft
    Lip seals and shaft sleeves are utilized for additional protection against wear.
  9. High Chrome Iron Impeller
    PRORIL patented formula, ACrS - Advanced Chromium Steel – technology is applied to all our TANK series submersible pump impellers to tackle tough challenging applications. Designed for high wear resistance and superb corrosion resistance pumping. The use of ACrS material significantly reduces operational costs.
  10. Durable Outer Jacket and Strainer
    Corrugated outer jacket and strainer made from 304 stainless steel provide impact resistance to harsh handling and conditions. In PRORIL submersible pumps 7,5 kW and larger, flat 304 stainless steel outer casing is pro-vided as standard.
  11. Food Grade Lubricant
    PRORIL electrical submersible pumps adopts eco-friendly lubricant to minimize environmental impacts.

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