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PRORIL Pumps Europe is a distributor of electric submersible pumps for professional use. With a central warehouse in the Netherlands and an extensive dealer network in Europe, the Middle East and all Russian speaking countries, PRORIL submersible pumps are always close at hand.

Top quality pumps

As an electric submersible pump manufacturer, PRORIL continuously invests in fluid dynamics and motor efficiency with the aim of designing the best quality submersible pump. The company’s history goes back to 1979 when PRORIL first began the production of motors. Today, hundreds of thousands of submersible pumps are in use all over the world in a wide range of applications.

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Electric submersible or dry installed centrifugal pump?

At a suction height greater than 7-8 meters, it is only possible to use a submersible pump. However, with shallow water, a pump unit with suction hose does not work either, so a portable pump offers the best solution. If cost is a factor, it is also important to note that a submersible pump of the highest quality is still cheaper than a centrifugal pump.

8 Important Facts About Electric Submersible Pumps

The vast majority of underwater pumps are electrically driven, with the user often choosing single phase submersible pumps with lower power outputs. From 2.2 kW, PRORIL supplies three phase submersible pumps as standard.

Traditionally, power cables have always been a weak point with portable submersible pumps. To protect against this PRORIL supplies a highly visible orange Polyurethane cable (PUR) for the 400V Tank and Stormy series, this greatly reduces the risk of cable damage.

PRORIL submersible water pumps are available in 50 Hz and 60 Hz versions. The pump impeller is modified at 60 Hz as the motor speed increases, there is almost no difference in terms of the performance curves.

The best submersible water pumps are fitted as standard with a special watertight cable entry where the cable enters into the motor chamber. Each cable wire is stripped and encapsulated in epoxy, which in the event of cable damage prevents water from entering the motor due to the capillary effect.

All professional PRORIL submersible pumps are fitted with a double mechanical seal in the oil chamber. This special feature increases the pumps service life and allows the submersible pump to run dry.

All electric submersible water pumps have a maximum immersion depth due to pressure differentials. PRORIL submersible pumps can be installed down to a depth of 20 meters below the surface of the water.

The immersion depth – that is the depth of the submersible pump below the water line - is not counted in the total dynamic head (TDH) calculation of the pumping system. So the height difference from the water surface plus the pipe friction loss determines the pressure that the submersible pump must deliver at the required pump capacity.

With three (3) phase electric submersible pumps, the direction of rotation should always be checked during the first start-up. Viewed from above, the start reaction should result in a counterclockwise rotation. If this is not the case, swap the phases and try again.

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