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Ground remediation at the old Renault site in Vilvoorde

27 February 2023

The old Renault site in Vilvoorde, Belgium has been a source of concern for the local residents for many years. The site, which was once a thriving car manufacturing plant, has been abandoned for decades and has been gradually deteriorating over time. The site is contaminated with hazardous chemicals and pollutants, which have seeped into the ground and posed a risk to the environment and public health.

In recent years, the local government and environmental agencies have taken steps to address the issue and to clean up the site. Ground remediation, a process of cleaning up contaminated soil and groundwater, has been identified as the best solution to the problem. The ground remediation project at the old Renault site in Vilvoorde is considered to be one of the most comprehensive and ambitious in the region.

The first step in the ground remediation process was to assess the extent of the contamination. This involved taking samples of soil and groundwater to determine the type and concentration of pollutants present.

Based on the results of the assessment, a remediation plan was developed that aimed to remove as much of the contamination as possible while minimizing the risk to the environment and public health. The remediation process involved the excavation and removal of contaminated soil, followed by the treatment of the remaining soil and groundwater.

This excavation project required digging a three-meter-deep trench. To ensure the stability of the excavation and prevent water from seeping in, the project team used Proril solids handling pump GOVOX-U 322 to remove groundwater from the bottom of the trench. The submersible pumps were connected to hoses and were placed at the bottom of a pit in the trench, where they continuously pumped out the contaminated groundwater.

The 3 inch GOVOX-U 322 electric submersible sewage pump features a vortex impeller coupled with a wide pump casing. The rotation of the impeller produces a whirling, centrifugal action between the impeller and pump casing. The action enables large solids and fibrous matters to be pumped without obstruction, leading to less impeller wear and longer pump life.  

Proril submersible sewage pumps at ground remediation site
Proril electric submersible sewage pump