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The STORMY submersible slurry pumps

19 March 2024

The STORMY submersible agitator pumps are made for professional slurry pump applications. These hardwearing electric submersible pumps are used for pumping sand and slurry in the dredging, quarrying and mining industries. All STORMY slurry pumps are made of wear-resistant materials and come standard with an agitator for loosening solids under water. You can choose between a submersible slurry pump (P) with open stand, or a submersible sand pump (S) with a strainer.

STORMY slurry pumps guaranty a long lifetime

Serving a wide range of slurry pumping applications, STORMY-S series submersible pumps are designed for a low energy consumption, excellent pump performance, and easy pump maintenance. With patented ACrS-Tech and rugged construction, these abrasion and corrosion resistant slurry pumps provide economical solutions for challenging slurry transportation.

ACrS-Tech explained

PRORIL Pumps patented formula, ACrS - Advanced Chromium Steel – technology is applied to all our STORMY series submersible pump impellers to tackle tough challenging applications. Designed for high wear resistance and superb corrosion resistance pumping. The use of ACrS material significantly reduces operational costs.

Typical STORMY slurry pump features:

  • Double Mechanical Seals. Located in the oil chamber, the device is made of quality materials with highly wear-resistant silicon carbide in lower side that provides extra protection against leakage and dry-run.
  • High Chrome Iron Impeller, Agitator and Wear Plate. PRORIL patented formula, ACrS - Advanced Chromium Steel – Tech is applied to all high chrome iron components, including impellers, agitators, and wear plates. This technology increases wear resistance to particle abrasion.
  • Hardened Pump Volute. The pump volute is made from hardened cast ductile iron. This technology enhances the hardness and wear life of the pump casing.
  • Rugged Cast Iron Construction. The whole cast iron pump features a simple, robust structure that provides durability and impact resistance to rough conditions.
  • Submersible Motor 4-pole motor. Air filled motor, housed in a watertight casing, conforms to Class F insulation. The 4-pole motor helps reducing impeller wears.
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