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New SMART Pumps

01 April 2024

The SMART series electric submersible pumps excel due to their light weight and compactness. For use in professional pumping applications such as that on construction sites or for rental companies, we recommend the high-quality SMART pumps. Our SMART Series has a diverse range of electric submersible pumps designed for multiple applications. Discover the New SMART-V electric submersible pumps.

  • The impeller clearance is increased from 0.5 mm to 4 mm retaining the same performance curve, effectively avoiding the risk of impeller clearance being too small to get stuck;
  • The vortex impeller is made from synthetic polymers (this specification is only for the Smart Lite version);
  • The impeller fastening is improved;
  • The strainer is upgraded to a round shape and increased in thickness to improve impact resistance.
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