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Dewatering Pumps

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The popular TANK series provides you with a selection of the best quality submersible water pumps currently available. The range includes a variety of submersibles such as a portable rainwater pump and a heavy duty submersible dewatering pump designed for construction sites. The chrome steel impeller, a special polyurethane cable, and other smart technical solutions guarantee you optimal reliability when pumping excess water.

TANK Serie Pumps In Action

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PRORIL Dewatering Pumps

Engineered for professional use in tough dewatering applications in construction, industrial sites and mines.

Key Features

TANK Success Story

Unique Engineering Project

The 22-metre deep cofferdam is almost watertight, making it "easy" to pump the seepage water away using a PRORIL Tank submersible pump, while vessels sail close by.

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  • Reliable & Economical
  • Compact & Robust Design
  • Wear-Resistent
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