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PRORIL contributes to improvement of Romanian infrastructure

08 March 2021
2021 is a year with a high number of construction contracts in Romania. In terms of infrastructure, there is a lot of work to be done and the European Union makes money available for this. Besides the construction of new motorways, a railway line between Sighișoara and Vienna is currently being built.

During the construction of the bridge piers, located near the Mures River, the groundwater keeps coming. The Romanian PRORIL distributor Terra Inchirieri Utilaje S.R.L. is the main supplier of the dewatering pumps. For this project, they already supplied several TANK submersible drainage pumps to the main contractor Astaldi FCC Thales.

At the bottom of the well, the TANK 6110 electric submersible pump looks very small, but it pumps more than 400 l/min at a head of 20 metres. The TANK 4110 and TANK 455 submersible pumps have also been used to improve Romania's infrastructure in order to provide a good and fast connection for passengers and cargo between these two eastern European cities.
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